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Augmented Rights Coalition is one of the Factions in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The Augmented Rights Coalition, or ARC, (founded in 2028) is one group that is seen as terrorists by the powers that be. In the early hours of Mankind Divided, Adam Jensen has to infiltrate the group’s Prague base and capture its leader, Dr. Talos Rucker.



ARC was originally a loosely structured network of groups that were organized to help the recently Augmented deal with the transition to their new status. After the Aug Incident, ARC began to coalesce over what members saw as a violation of augmented peoples’ rights. Augmented people were rounded up and abused for crimes that they perpetrated through no fault of their own. ARC saw that as being victimized twice – once for the initial crimes, and secondly for holding augs culpable for things that were out of their control.

Rucker is a humanitarian-aid doctor who was also augmented after sustaining injuries in a natural disaster. He has amassed considerable power by banding the augs together, which makes him a threat to those who would work to further restrict augmented people. While the group itself doesn’t rely on violence to get its message across, various members have gone rogue. Because of that, ARC has been placed on a terrorist watch list. One of the high-ranking members of the group is Victor Marchenko, and it’s unclear at this point whether he poses a threat to Jensen or the people who would keep ARC down. DeMarle says Marchenko is skeptical of Jensen’s place in this world, asking whether Jensen is a wrench – a derogatory slang term and reference to a tool being wielded by the man.


  • Disturbed by the failure of many of these new laws to see augmented citizens as victims of the Aug Incident, grassroots pro-Aug support groups all over the world begin banding together. By July 2028, they will have chosen both a name — the Augmented Rights Coalition — and a spokesperson to lead them: Talos Rucker.
  • Concerned by growing rumors of mistreatment and abuse leaking out of The Utulek Complex, Talos Rucker decides to move there, making it the defacto headquarters of the Augmented Rights Coalition in 2028.
  • Dozens are killed in Prague when a bomb goes off inside a high-priced hotel. Picus News reveals that government officials had been meeting there and fingers the Augmented Rights Coalition as a suspect. Talos Rucker denies it. Two months later a second bomb explodes, this time inside a police station. Task Force 29 opens up a covert field office in Prague to investigate the attacks in 2029.