David Sarif

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David Sarif
Character Stats
Age 58
Weight 165 LBS
Height 5'10"
Eye Color BLUE
Blood Type O+

David Sarif is one of the Characters in Mankind Divided.

Character Information

David Sarif is the founder and former CEO of Sarif Industries, and former boss of Adam Jensen.

A well-preserved man in his late 50s, Sarif revitalized Detroit and tried to revolutionize the world by turning a dilapidated automotive factory into a source for cutting-edge human enhancement technology. Then, in 2027, the Aug Incident hit, plunging the world into chaos. Society turned against augmented people, and the industry that had created them crashed. Sarif’s company, personal fortune, and dreams crashed with it.

Two years after the Incident, Sarif is an older, wiser, slightly more reserved version of the man he was before. He’s still wealthy; still direct when dealing with others; and still believes in progress, science and technology, and human endeavor. He also continues to hold onto an idealistic belief in a mechanically-enhanced mankind. He’s just learned to be patient and let others carry the banner into the spotlight for him, for now.

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