Elias Chikane

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Elias Chikane
Character Stats
Age 46
Weight 185 LBS
Height 5'11"
Eye Color BROWN
Blood Type A+

Elias Chikane is one of the Characters in Mankind Divided.

Character Information

Chikane, Adam’s VTOL pilot for Task Force 29, is both professional and dedicated in his work. With a strong military background, he is able to use his experience as an elite pilot to give him the extra edge when helping to exfiltrate Adam out of a tight spot.

However, the tension between himself and Adam is, at times, palpable. This is largely in part due to his suspicion of all augmented people, stemming from the fact that his left knee was badly damaged by an Aug during the Aug Incident. As a result, Chikane refused to be Augmented, passing up on a more advanced cybernetic in favor of his current, more traditional leg brace.

Character Images