Viktor Marchenko

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Viktor Marchenko
Character Stats
Age 38
Weight 345 LBS
Height 7'1"
Eye Color BROWN
Hair Color BALD
Blood Type B+

Viktor Marchenko is one of the Characters in Mankind Divided

Character Information

Viktor Marchenko is an outspoken member of the Augmented Rights Coalition - an international, non-governmental group of augmented activists fighting for the fair treatment of transhumans. Unlike its leader, Talos Rucker, Marchenko has more radical leanings, and his charismatic personality allows him to sway opinions and rile up his followers.

Heavily Augmented, with both his right eye and his two arms having been replaced, he is thought to be responsible for organizing multiple attacks that he believes will help to further their cause. However, Marchenko is not just a brutish hulk; he is extremely intelligent and is well versed in the history of past revolutionaries.

Character Images